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economic justice

Ethical Culture and the Ongoing Quest for Social Justice

- a platform address to the Bergen Ethical Society by Dr. Joseph (Joe) Chuman, 2005. Reprinted with permission.

The Future of Success: Working and Living in the New Economy

Notes on The Future of Success: Working and Living in the New Economy
by Robert E. Reich, 2000

What is most intriguing about this very accessible work by Robert Reich is his analysis of the forces in the “new economy.” He points out that the increases in communication and technology spurs globalization and brings Americans a greater variety and higher quality of material goods than ever before. These changes are fuelled on our ability to choose what we want with greater ease: what we buy, where we live, where we work. The ability to make these choices decrease the stabilizing forces of consumer loyalty and the idea of the “company man.” Mobility is high. Producers and employers must work harder to keep consumers and employees. This is done, however, not by creating incentive packages (including health care and retirement benefits) to bind employees to a company for life, but rather by offering higher wages to those innovative employees in greatest demand. In all industries, from software to sports, people move from one employer to another constantly. Increasing competition bought us more material options but less stability.

Book Reviews: Economic Justice

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